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One Jiu-Jitsu

Team ONE Jiu-jitsu Canada is one of the most prestigious teams of this sport in the country.

With our locations already established and others in development, are values are promoted by respect, trust, personal entertainment and teamwork. All these values make us one strong family.

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Luciano Ucci

Head coach of Team One Jiu-Jitsu Canada

Your head instructor Luciano Ucci is a third degree Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt . With over 20 years of training under his belt, he is active in the competitive world and can respond to different needs, whether to get in shape or to perform recreationally. Passionate and dedicated to the sport and known for his technical knowledge, Professor Luciano quickly established himself as a top trainer and corner men of several public figures in the world of professionnal mixed martial arts. Over the years, his passion influenced many other students of his who now lead their own schools under the prestigious banner Team ONE jujitsu Canada.


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